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Medium Artisian Cutting Boards Fiddle Bow Knife Medium Cutting Board Set
Medium Artisian Cutting BoardsFiddle Bow KnifeMedium Cutting Board Set
Stripes will vary depending upon available woods. 11" x 14"FREE SHIPPING The finest slicing knife you'll ever ownFiddle Bow Knife and Medium Artisian cutting board.
Lengths vary from 15 to 17 inches Medium board with juice groove Op Chop with groove
Mesquite Cheese boardMedium board with juice grooveOp Chop with groove
Live-edge mesquite cheese or bread board.This multi-striped board is accented with red African Padauk.Mosaic chopping board with juice groove.
Large Artisian Board Set Parrot Board Super Baby set with Fiddle Bow
Large Artisian Board SetParrot BoardSuper Baby set with Fiddle Bow
Fiddle Bow Knife with Large Artisian Cutting Board set.The wide red Padauk stripe is accented by rich cherry. Both are framed with Black Walnut.Super baby set with Fiddle Bow Knife.
Wooden cheese board set--Brunette Walnut chopping block with juice groove Padauk and Lacewood serving board
Wooden cheese board set--BrunetteWalnut chopping block with juice groove Padauk and Lacewood serving board
Wooden cheese board featuring dark woods and a Baby Fiddle Bow KnifeThe trough collects excess juices from meats and veggies.Handcrafted from African Padauk and Australian Lacewood.
Op Bread board Walnut Chopping Block Wood Glow
Op Bread boardWalnut Chopping BlockWood Glow
End-grain multi-wood bread board.Walnut Chopping Block with Maple and Padauk accent stripes.Wood Glow board conditioner with scrubby pad and instructions. FREE SHIPPING